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Your Cat’s a Star! How Taking Video at Home Can Help Diagnose a Common Ailment

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re like me, sharing your home with a cat is an enriching, rewarding experience. My cat is a 5-year-old Calico named Trinity. She earned her name because she came to me as an 8-week-old stray with a badly injured right rear leg that had to be amputated. I decided to adopt her and help […]

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Pain and Pet Behavior: Learn How They’re Linked

Reading Time: 5 minutes In some ways, the fact that pain will affect how a living creature behaves is obvious. If I have a bad headache, I’ll stop writing this article and go lie down. If my dog steps on something sharp, she’ll stop walking and hold up her paw. But even for an experienced pet owner, it can […]

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Pet Experiencing Dental Pain? How to Know and What to Do About It

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Animal Control picked up a little stray Poodle that I’d later adopt, she was a mess. Among a host of health issues, Peach was missing 18 teeth and needed another seven extractions. So we’re protective of her remaining teeth, which my husband and I affectionately call “chompers.” But the other day, I gave her […]

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How Arthritis Affects Your Dog and What to Do for It

Reading Time: 3 minutes I like to think my Labrador Retriever mix, Rio, is invincible. He loves hiking on trails, swimming in lakes, and generally frolicking outside. Even though he’s nearly 9 years old, I’ve been in denial that he’s a “senior.” But a recent conversation with a veterinary technician gave me pause. He mentioned that dogs who start […]

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Take the Panic Out of Handling a Pet Emergency

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lisa Lippman, DVM, knows the value of always acquiring knowledge. That may explain why in addition to her skills in house call medicine, general practice, and emergency veterinary medicine, she made the decision to complete a two-day course to become a pet first aid/CPR instructor. Her reason is simple: “In a veterinary clinic, medicines and […]

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Anxiety Often Accompanies Cognitive Dysfunction

Reading Time: 4 minutes If your pet has cognitive dysfunction—canine or feline dementia—you may have noticed that he seems to be more anxious than in the past. That’s a common side effect of the condition, but there are ways to manage it. Aging dogs and cats have problems similar to those of elderly humans, and not just physical ones: […]

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Keep those claws! Why cats need them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent studies show that declawing can significantly increase the risk of long-term adverse effects on feline physical and emotional health, including chronic neuropathic pain, biting, and an increased likelihood of house-soiling. Here’s what you should know if you’re considering this procedure for your cat. Declawing is an emotional, controversial, and divisive topic. Some people consider […]