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Can Your Cat Safely Chase, Kill, or Eat Insects?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Insects, from your cat’s point of view, are a great opportunity for a lively chase and hunt. Crawling insects can keep a cat entranced for hours, or minutes, if the cat decides to pounce and eat. If the bug has wings – even better. I’ve seen my cats gleefully leap, catch, and swallow countless flies. […]

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Every Which Way but Loose: 7 Reasons to Keep Your Dog on Leash

Reading Time: 2 minutes A worrisome trend that began during the pandemic is that more people are walking dogs off leash, even in crowded urban areas.  There are lots of concerns regarding this craze, but safety is number one. Here are seven reasons to keep dogs on a leash: Safety First: It’s true that dogs can learn to navigate […]

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5 Signs You Need to Leave the Dog Park

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bring up the subject of dog parks to a group of dog trainers and watch their heads explode. You’ll get a slew of opinions, most unfavorable. While I confess I have occasionally rolled my eyes at the topic, I don’t hate dog parks. They can be a good place for some dogs to run off […]

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Is It Okay for Pets to Eat Cicadas? Mostly, the Bugs are Harmless

Reading Time: 2 minutes Depending on where you happen to live, your neighborhood may seem like a horror movie come to life. Millions of cicadas from Brood X, or the 17-year cicadas, will swarm and create a cacophony louder than several jackhammers. They are annoying to us but otherwise harmless, although some dogs consider them an opportunity for a […]

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Moving from a Small Town to a Big City? How to Help Your Dog Adjust

Reading Time: 3 minutes When my husband and I moved from a Colorado mountain town to Denver in 2018, our biggest concern was how our Lab mix, Rio, would adapt. The outdoorsy dog spent the first seven years of his life hiking off leash on trails a block from our home, swimming in alpine lakes, and running free in […]

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Ways to Make Your Cat’s Move to a New Home Safe and Stress-Free

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I was a young woman, people who lived on our street moved away. But about a week after they drove off in a moving truck, neighbors discovered they’d left behind their pregnant cat – who promptly gave birth to a litter of kittens. It made me furious that someone would abandon a cat so […]

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Bag It! Protect Pets From Choking Hazard

Reading Time: 2 minutes This doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen, and some pet parents are unaware of the danger presented by plastic bags to companion animals, from curious ferrets to dogs and cats. Veterinarians are busier removing dog toys or rubber bands from all-too-curious dogs, cats, and ferrets who have ingested them compared to dealing with […]

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New Airline Rules Regarding Emotional Support Animals: What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, I was a frequent flyer. Sometimes I even traveled with my little Poodle, Peach, in her carrier after paying the required pet fee. As a pet writer and dog advocate, I grew increasingly concerned by the dramatic increase in fake service dogs and alleged emotional support animals (ESAs). It was […]

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Safety First for Equine Actors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Horses are highly intelligent. They have the ability to recognize faces even if they haven’t seen someone in months, understand the emotions of people around them, and to learn and combine a number of cues. As such, they’re in demand as actors in commercials, television shows, and movies. What looks effortless, though, takes many hours […]

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Tying Dogs Out: How and Why It Can Go Wrong

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s an all-too-common sight (particularly in large urban areas) to see dogs outside businesses with their leashes tied around bike racks or no-parking signs while their people are inside buying a doughnut or picking up their dry cleaning or even grocery shopping. People who tote their dog to the store and then tie the dog […]