Veterinary Care

A Comfortable Vaccine Experience for Your Pet

Reading Time: 5 minutes Vaccinations have been in the news a lot lately. An up-to-date vaccine program is essential for your pet’s general good health, too. It’s possible to make pokes at the veterinarian’s office a happy and stress-free event for both you and your pet—even if you are the one with a fear of needles. Love and Treats: […]

Cats Veterinary Care

Your Cat’s a Star! How Taking Video at Home Can Help Diagnose a Common Ailment

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re like me, sharing your home with a cat is an enriching, rewarding experience. My cat is a 5-year-old Calico named Trinity. She earned her name because she came to me as an 8-week-old stray with a badly injured right rear leg that had to be amputated. I decided to adopt her and help […]

Activities & Enrichment

Strategies to Help Pets Enjoy a Stress-Free Summer

Reading Time: 4 minutes The canine – and feline – nose knows. Expect pets to rely on their superior sense of smell this summer after being cooped up at home and limited to neighborhood boundaries during the pandemic. One year in a pet’s life is a mighty long time. Even some well-trained dogs and confident cats may feel a […]

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Before You Get Your New Pet: Plan for Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Successful pre-pet planning begins with a little foresight and preparation for the first few days together. Set yourself and your new pet up for success from the get-go and begin to foster a strong relationship built on trust and empathy. Before you get your pet, take the following steps: Puppy- or Kitten-Proof the Home Before […]

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Get Shed of Pet Fur

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is shedding a big hairy deal at your house? Our black German Shepherd used to shed drifts of hairy tumbleweeds that turned cream carpet to gray. Now Bravo the Bullmastiff’s short red hairs transform our socks into fuzzy slippers. Karma-Kat’s short silver fur and Shadow-Pup’s gray undercoat cling to upholstery and clothing, and float through […]

Activities & Enrichment Dogs Life at Home

How to Make Your Dog Happy and Even Laugh

Reading Time: 4 minutes We know how much our dogs make us happy and even laugh. And scientists confirm that snuggling with our dogs unleashes oxytocin, informally referred to as the cuddle chemical. Medical studies confirm again and again that hanging out with dogs can lower our blood pressure, reduce our stress levels, and boost our moods. But when […]

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How to Avoid Holiday Stress in Pets

Reading Time: 3 minutes The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. The holidays bring festive decorations, bustling preparations, celebrations … and too often, stress. While we worry about how to get everything done or how to adjust our plans to the challenges of 2020, we can’t forget to care for our beloved pets. The holidays can […]

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Your Pet Is Undergoing Anesthesia and Surgery: What Should You Expect? What Questions Should You Ask?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of our pets will need to undergo anesthesia for a surgery or other procedure at some point in their lives. Puppies and kittens have spay or neuter surgeries. Dental cleanings are also common. Other surgeries might include wound repair or removal of a skin tumor, correction of a cruciate tear. or any number of […]

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Why Your Vet Uses Rescue™ in Their Clinic

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you go to the vet, you know that they’re doing everything they can to create the best possible experience for your pet. But that doesn’t stop at providing good patient care – it also applies to the clinic environment that your veterinary team works hard to create. This means taking important steps to reduce […]

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An Itchy Dog’s Journey

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bodie, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever and one of the millions of dogs suffering from allergic itch, recently saw his veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. His journey with itch, however, is just beginning. Dogs with atopic dermatitis (allergy to environmental triggers) and their families face a lifelong challenge of managing the ups and downs of itch. […]