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Opening the Door to More Pet-Friendly Housing

Reading Time: 7 minutes News flash! A recent survey shows that pet owners make excellent, responsible tenants. They stay longer, get along well with their neighbors, and take the responsibility of their pets seriously, resulting in far less property damage than is purported to occur. Plus, most pet parents pay for such damage out of their own pockets! So […]

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Cats Wanted; Dogs Need Not Apply

Reading Time: 3 minutes Like humans, animals need a purpose in life. Although dogs are often in the spotlight for the jobs they do, cats are not to be outshone. Working cats have their own areas of expertise, going beyond the familiar entry-level job of barn cat. As a feral cat rescue and socialization facility, the Kitty Bungalow Charm […]

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Is It Okay for Pets to Eat Cicadas? Mostly, the Bugs are Harmless

Reading Time: 2 minutes Depending on where you happen to live, your neighborhood may seem like a horror movie come to life. Millions of cicadas from Brood X, or the 17-year cicadas, will swarm and create a cacophony louder than several jackhammers. They are annoying to us but otherwise harmless, although some dogs consider them an opportunity for a […]

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Fear Free Euthanasia: How to Say Goodbye Peacefully

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ll remember your pet’s euthanasia for the rest of your life, and if your pet is agitated or anxious, you’ll remember that, too. Taking these few simple steps to plan ahead will make help make the experience easier for your pet and your family. When you make the difficult decision to euthanize your pet, there […]


How to Treat and Prevent Cat Bites

Reading Time: 3 minutes Louise Holton has been trapping community cats since the 1970s and having them neutered, vaccinated, and returned to their colony. In the process, she has received some serious cat bites over the years. Holton, founder of Alley Cat Rescue, is always current on her tetanus vaccination. And by now, she’s a pro at treating bite […]


How to Coexist With Coyotes and Keep Pets Safe

Reading Time: 3 minutes The general Fear Free concept of respecting animals for who and what they are may arguably extend to urban wildlife such as coyotes. Coyotes are survivors. While many species have paid a price for their intersection with humans, coyotes are among the few that have found a way to survive and even thrive right under […]

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Cats on High: Maximize Vertical Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter the size of your living space, by going vertical, you can greatly increase your cat’s lifestyle real estate.

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Winn Feline Gets New Name

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cats have been considered second-class citizens for a long time. The Winn Feline Foundation was created by the late Robert Winn in 1968 for just that reason. Few organizations were supporting studies for cat health, particularly for pedigreed or purebred cats. Winn donated $125 to launch the nonprofit. He knew he was onto something but […]

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The Cost of Cat Companionship

Reading Time: 4 minutes From aww-dorable kittens to Zen seniors, our feline companions provide us emotional comfort, unconditional love, and priceless purrs. If you’re one of the estimated 42.7 million U.S. households with a cat, congratulations! You’ve gotten everything on your supplies list to ensure your new BFF will have the best life possible: high-quality cat food–check. Litter and […]

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Is Your Cat Ready for a Water Fountain?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can lead a cat to her water fountain, but you can’t make her drink. Cat water fountains are becoming popular with pet owners. I decided to join the fountain brigade and purchase one for my cat, Angel, hoping it might increase her water consumption, which is important for cats. A 10-pound adult cat should […]