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Cats on High: Maximize Vertical Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter the size of your living space, by going vertical, you can greatly increase your cat’s lifestyle real estate.

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Bag It! Protect Pets From Choking Hazard

Reading Time: 2 minutes This doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen, and some pet parents are unaware of the danger presented by plastic bags to companion animals, from curious ferrets to dogs and cats. Veterinarians are busier removing dog toys or rubber bands from all-too-curious dogs, cats, and ferrets who have ingested them compared to dealing with […]

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Winn Feline Gets New Name

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cats have been considered second-class citizens for a long time. The Winn Feline Foundation was created by the late Robert Winn in 1968 for just that reason. Few organizations were supporting studies for cat health, particularly for pedigreed or purebred cats. Winn donated $125 to launch the nonprofit. He knew he was onto something but […]

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Adopt a Pet Online? Here’s How Shelters Are Making It Work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Like many animal lovers, Lili Chin decided to adopt a pet during the coronavirus pandemic. After the death of her beloved dog Boogie, the author/illustrator of the book “Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend” and her husband decided to branch into cats. With COVID-19 raging in Los Angeles, they reached […]

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New Airline Rules Regarding Emotional Support Animals: What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, I was a frequent flyer. Sometimes I even traveled with my little Poodle, Peach, in her carrier after paying the required pet fee. As a pet writer and dog advocate, I grew increasingly concerned by the dramatic increase in fake service dogs and alleged emotional support animals (ESAs). It was […]

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Get Shed of Pet Fur

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is shedding a big hairy deal at your house? Our black German Shepherd used to shed drifts of hairy tumbleweeds that turned cream carpet to gray. Now Bravo the Bullmastiff’s short red hairs transform our socks into fuzzy slippers. Karma-Kat’s short silver fur and Shadow-Pup’s gray undercoat cling to upholstery and clothing, and float through […]

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The Cost of Cat Companionship

Reading Time: 4 minutes From aww-dorable kittens to Zen seniors, our feline companions provide us emotional comfort, unconditional love, and priceless purrs. If you’re one of the estimated 42.7 million U.S. households with a cat, congratulations! You’ve gotten everything on your supplies list to ensure your new BFF will have the best life possible: high-quality cat food–check. Litter and […]

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Is Your Cat Ready for a Water Fountain?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can lead a cat to her water fountain, but you can’t make her drink. Cat water fountains are becoming popular with pet owners. I decided to join the fountain brigade and purchase one for my cat, Angel, hoping it might increase her water consumption, which is important for cats. A 10-pound adult cat should […]

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Therapy Animals Offer Virtual Visits

Reading Time: 3 minutes A gray tuxedo cat named Roger is jumping through hoops to spread cheer during the pandemic. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based therapy cat normally enjoys hands-on attention from hospice patients of Hospice of the Valley, kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, students at Arizona State University, and visitors to the Scottsdale Public Library. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic […]

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Kitten Meetups With All Creatures Great and Small

Reading Time: 4 minutes So you’re thinking of adding a kitten to your menagerie. The little voice in your head tells you it will make your family complete. Or an orphan shows up on your doorstep with saucer eyes and a fluffy coat, begging for a handout. Introducing the newbie to your existing crew requires patience and caution. Keep […]