Exclusive Deals

Exclusive Deals


As a Fear Free Happy Homes member, you also have access to great deals and discounts 365 days of the year—we call them Purrks! Visit the great selection below and check back frequently, as we we’re always adding more special offers. Simply select the Purrk of interest to you and follow the instructions to complete your purchase with the vendor.

Get a FREE Month of DOGTV

TV for Dogs? Yes. Really! DOGTV is backed by science and proven to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. Our patented streaming content can give your dog better days, with calming scenes and a soothing soundtrack created specifically for dogs like yours…

Get 15% Off All EzyDog Products

EzyDog makes a line of active dog gear that encompasses the rugged outdoor lifestyle dogs love along with the comfort and style pet owners prefer, promoting a healthy and enriching lifestyle for both dogs and humans.

Get 10% Off Any Lick Lick Pad Purchase

The Lick Lick Pad is a 100% food-grade silicone pad that allows you to put any spreadable food your dog likes, such as peanut butter, on it, then stick it to the wall of your shower or bathtub.

Get 10% Off Plus Free Shipping on the KoolSkinz Pet Vest

KoolSkinz makes pet performance wear. Our flagship product, the patented KoolSkinz Pet Vest, will keep your dog cool for up to two hours in 90-degree weather.

Get 10% Off All Pet Acoustics Products

Pet Tunes are Bluetooth® speakers pre-loaded with frequency-modified music that is clinically proven to reduce stress and calm canine and feline behaviors.

Get 10% Off the ProHeat 2X® Revolution

Keeping your home clean matters to BISSELL®. That’s why our pet products are designed to pick up pet hair, eliminate odors, tackle tough spots and stains, and get you back to enjoying life with your pet.

Get 5% Off All Sleepypod Products

Award-winning pet accessories for dogs and cats with safety in mind including our Fear Free Happy Homes x sleepypod collaboration line. Airline and TSA approved.

Get 15% off sitewide!

RemembeRing is an innovative DIY Tribute Kit designed to ease the heartbreak of pet loss while celebrating the love. It’s a comforting resource for pet lovers and makes a touching gift for friends or family members (3+ years)

Get 20% off Intellikatt Interactive Cat Bowl

Stimulate and challenge your cat! Intellikatt develops his intellect and prevents bad behavior.

Save 20% off any ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear or Skin product

Provide soothing relief for your pet’s ear infections or irritated, itchy skin with the power of enzymes…not antibiotics.

10% off all K9 Ballistics® products, site wide!

Tough, comfortable, and sustainable dog beds and crate pads with 120 Day Chew Proof Promise™. Chew Proof Armored beds designed for the most aggressive chewer. Orthopedic beds that are chew, scratch, and dig resistant. From giant Great Danes to small French Bulldogs, our beds come in all sizes.

Click the Learn More and Redeem button for details on Companion!

“Automatically have a conversation with your dog, bringing it joy for hours a day and We all want to better understand our dogs and we’ve only been able to scratch the surface of what our dogs are communicating to us. We built a device that can a brand new life at home.” ~ Companion Founder, John Honchariw.