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Plastic Surgery for Your Cat?

Reading Time: 5 minutes A “nose job” or a “boob job” and “tummy tuck” for your cat? Yes! But not for cosmetic reasons to get her thousands of Instagram followers. Such reconstructive surgeries in pets are done strictly for medical reasons to improve quality of life. Take 2-year-old Pandora, a beautiful Persian kitty who was snoring a lot. At […]

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Your Pet Is Undergoing Anesthesia and Surgery: What Should You Expect? What Questions Should You Ask?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of our pets will need to undergo anesthesia for a surgery or other procedure at some point in their lives. Puppies and kittens have spay or neuter surgeries. Dental cleanings are also common. Other surgeries might include wound repair or removal of a skin tumor, correction of a cruciate tear. or any number of […]

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Puppy with Upside-Down Paws Gets Helping Hand

Reading Time: 4 minutes Surgery is only the first step in repairing an injury or defect. Ensuring that pets rest during recovery is essential to the process. So is rehab. Here’s what to know about successful recuperation, through the experience of a lucky pup. Milo looked like a normal puppy when he was brought to Oklahoma State University Veterinary […]

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Keep those claws! Why cats need them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent studies show that declawing can significantly increase the risk of long-term adverse effects on feline physical and emotional health, including chronic neuropathic pain, biting, and an increased likelihood of house-soiling. Here’s what you should know if you’re considering this procedure for your cat. Declawing is an emotional, controversial, and divisive topic. Some people consider […]