Dogs Travel & Safety

Have Dog, Will Travel: Tips for Flights

Reading Time: 3 minutes Adopting my first small dog – a 9-pound Poodle named Peach – brought many pleasant surprises, including the chance to travel with a dog on an airplane. When I bought our first plane tickets to visit my parents, I made sure to buy a nonstop flight to keep our travel time as short as possible. […]

Dogs Shelters & Fostering

9 Ways to Help Shelter Dogs

Reading Time: 4 minutes October is National Adopt a Dog Month and a wonderful excuse to celebrate your dogs with extra hugs, toys, and treats. After all, they are loyal best friends and awesome companions. However, spare a thought for the thousands of dogs in shelters, patiently waiting for a forever home and a family to love. There are […]

Veterinary Care

A Comfortable Vaccine Experience for Your Pet

Reading Time: 5 minutes Vaccinations have been in the news a lot lately. An up-to-date vaccine program is essential for your pet’s general good health, too. It’s possible to make pokes at the veterinarian’s office a happy and stress-free event for both you and your pet—even if you are the one with a fear of needles. Love and Treats: […]

Life at Home

Gone-Away Blues: Help Pets Adjust to Family Absences

Reading Time: 3 minutes No one sent an email to pets explaining, “Everything is about to change; there’s a pandemic and your people with be home 24/7.” Some pets took a while to adjust to their new normal, while dogs who may have been walked more often and cats who could sit in laps more often relished this new […]

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5 Signs You Need to Leave the Dog Park

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bring up the subject of dog parks to a group of dog trainers and watch their heads explode. You’ll get a slew of opinions, most unfavorable. While I confess I have occasionally rolled my eyes at the topic, I don’t hate dog parks. They can be a good place for some dogs to run off […]

Life at Home

Opening the Door to More Pet-Friendly Housing

Reading Time: 7 minutes News flash! A recent survey shows that pet owners make excellent, responsible tenants. They stay longer, get along well with their neighbors, and take the responsibility of their pets seriously, resulting in far less property damage than is purported to occur. Plus, most pet parents pay for such damage out of their own pockets! So […]

Dogs Training & Grooming

Pandemic Pups Learn About Visitors

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now that vaccination rates are rising, you may be starting to think about having visitors come to your home again. This may be a big surprise for your recently acquired dog. “It’s the classic pandemic puppy story,” says Beth Harpaz. “My husband and I wanted a dog to bring some joy into our boring pandemic […]

Cats Dogs Life at Home Travel & Safety

Is It Okay for Pets to Eat Cicadas? Mostly, the Bugs are Harmless

Reading Time: 2 minutes Depending on where you happen to live, your neighborhood may seem like a horror movie come to life. Millions of cicadas from Brood X, or the 17-year cicadas, will swarm and create a cacophony louder than several jackhammers. They are annoying to us but otherwise harmless, although some dogs consider them an opportunity for a […]

Senior Pets Veterinary Care

Fear Free Euthanasia: How to Say Goodbye Peacefully

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ll remember your pet’s euthanasia for the rest of your life, and if your pet is agitated or anxious, you’ll remember that, too. Taking these few simple steps to plan ahead will make help make the experience easier for your pet and your family. When you make the difficult decision to euthanize your pet, there […]

Cats Dogs Veterinary Care

Prepping Pets for Annual Visits: Vaccines

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before I moved to Texas, my allergies were like a normal person’s allergies–occasional sniffles, but no big deal. After living here for several years, I had to start getting 3 allergy injections into my upper arms every four weeks. I hate the sting of the needle and the feeling of cold liquid slowly going into […]