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Flirt Your Way to a Tired Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boing! Boing! The Boxer puppy was bouncing all over the place, her wiggly butt somehow defying physics and going in different directions at once. “We take her for three walks a day!” her owner complained. “She’s never tired!” Taking your dog for a walk is great for mental enrichment, but to truly exercise your energetic […]

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Prepping Pets for Annual Visits: Vaccines

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before I moved to Texas, my allergies were like a normal person’s allergies–occasional sniffles, but no big deal. After living here for several years, I had to start getting 3 allergy injections into my upper arms every four weeks. I hate the sting of the needle and the feeling of cold liquid slowly going into […]

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Before You Get Your New Pet: Plan for Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Successful pre-pet planning begins with a little foresight and preparation for the first few days together. Set yourself and your new pet up for success from the get-go and begin to foster a strong relationship built on trust and empathy. Before you get your pet, take the following steps: Puppy- or Kitten-Proof the Home Before […]

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Why Pets Matter: How Cats and Dogs Affect Our Lives

Reading Time: 3 minutes National Pet Month celebrates all things pets. For those who adore cats and dogs or other critters, our animal companions impact us in so many ways we can’t imagine living in a world without them. That begs the questions, how (and why) are pets so important to us? The Love Connection As social creatures, humans […]

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Heart Disease in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes When my husband and I adopted a senior Poodle named Peach, we knew she had a heart murmur. But when she began coughing almost to the point of retching, our veterinarian referred us to a veterinary cardiologist for more testing. Sure enough, Peach has a leaky mitral valve. The resulting heart enlargement puts pressure on […]

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Why the Loss of a Pet Is So Challenging & Tips for Coping With Grief

Reading Time: 3 minutes The death of a beloved pet is excruciating. With their shorter lifespans, it’s also, unfortunately, an inevitability. Therapist Susan Anschuetz, LMFT, co-founder of the Denver-based nonprofit Human Animal Bond Trust, has led free weekly pet loss support groups for more than 30 years. “There’s hardly a week that goes by where someone doesn’t say, ‘I […]

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Prep School: Help Dogs Get Ready for Annual Exams

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re anything like me, you probably hug your dog several times a day. It wasn’t until I became a veterinarian that I realized many dogs don’t like being hugged, and if they do, it’s not by strangers poking them with needles at the vet clinic. Many dogs are also uncomfortable with having areas of […]

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IBD in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Lab mix, Rio, has always had a bit of a sensitive stomach. But last fall when he vomited blood, we knew something serious was going on. After help from the emergency room at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in metro Denver, Colorado, we scheduled an appointment with the internal medicine department. Biopsy results revealed Rio […]

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Pet Paraphernalia: What’s New For Cats and Dogs

Reading Time: 6 minutes Global Pet Expo is the industry’s annual showcase, highlighting new and innovative products for pet parents to both spoil their pets and improve their general wellbeing. With more than 300 new products featured this year, here are our favorites. Some are already available; others will roll out in the next few weeks. For Any Pet […]

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6 Simple Secrets to Training Your Dog

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you are training many dogs a day rather than just your own, it’s easy to find shortcuts and little tricks that make training a dog easier, faster, and more fun for both the human teacher and the canine student. It’s also easier to see things from the dog’s perspective which can be the hidden answer […]