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What is Companion?

Companion is the first device that can interact with dogs at home for hours a day using AI hardware, machine learning, and best-in-class positive reinforcement techniques.

What is the offer?

Companion is available for reservations through Reservations require a $49 refundable deposit and orders will ship based on priority of reservation date. As of April 11, 2023, the next available ship date is February 2024.

More about Companion:

Companion provides all-day scheduled and on-demand engagement for your dog with games, behavioral programs, and training. It uses all of that activity to look for sudden or subtle shifts in your dog’s movement or posture that can indicate pain, anxiety, or stress that are often hard to detect.

Companion’s device has a camera, onboard computer, AI software, and treat dispenser which can react and “converse” with dogs at superhuman speeds and consistency, using the pet parent’s voice. The Companion app allows users to start and schedule sessions, receive bespoke videos of their dog learning, as well as updates on their dog’s improving skills.