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New at the Zoo: Design Trends Benefit Animals and Humans

Reading Time: 5 minutes Animal wellbeing, both physical and mental, is a priority for modern zoos, and that involves a lot more than you might realize. It starts before an animal even arrives, with the design of the exhibit where they’re going to live. A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body To start, an exhibit needs to provide a […]

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Study Gives Clues to Causes of Spraying

Reading Time: 4 minutes When cats spray urine in the home, humans consider it a problem behavior, but for cats, spraying is a normal means of communication. Domestic and wild cats use spraying to mark their territory. “It’s found throughout the feline kingdom,” says Mikel Delgado, Ph.D., of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. “It’s a way to […]

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Put Down the Phone to Connect With Your Dog

Reading Time: 6 minutes Connecting with your dog is more than attaching the leash and going for a walk together. Attention must be paid. When I first got my Pug, she was reactive to everything: dogs, people, cars, the sound of birds. She’s better now, but one thing she still barks at is kind of funny: people who are […]

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Wearing a Different Face? How Dogs React to Masks

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the start of the pandemic, concern was sometimes expressed that dogs would be disturbed because people were now wearing face masks. Personally, I was skeptical, from the evidence of my own highly reactive Pug. She’s attentive to small details – one thing she’ll always object to is a person who is looking at their […]

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Chinchilla Challenge: Are They Right for You?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Confession: I once bought a pet completely on impulse. I knew that wasn’t how you were supposed to do it, but I just handed over the money and took him home. That’s how irresistibly cute chinchillas are. I’d owned rodents before, so I knew some of the basics, but I quickly discovered that a chinchilla […]

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Human Stress, Reactive Dogs, and Science

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s conventional wisdom among dog trainers that a handler’s anxiety “travels down the leash” to influence the dog. To be honest, this had always sounded like some kind of woo-woo mystical nonsense to me. When I got my current extremely reactive Pug, the trainer I was working with – who I respected for being pretty […]

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How to Think Like a Zookeeper About Your Pet’s Welfare

Reading Time: 5 minutes Pets are so much part of our families that it’s easy to forget they’re different from us in many ways. To give them a good life, sometimes we need to get outside our human heads and understand what’s important to another species with different senses, needs, and instincts. Zookeepers are experts at this, and we […]

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Do You Really Want a Ferret? What to Consider Before Getting One

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lots of people are crazy about ferrets. “I think most veterinarians that work on ferrets will tell you they’re pretty darned adorable,” says Valarie V. Tynes, DVM, DACVB. But people who love them want you to know about the challenges of living with them. “The first thing I always ask people is, ‘Why do you […]

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How to Help Your Dog Love Vet Care

Reading Time: 4 minutes More and more veterinarians are taking low-stress and Fear Free approaches to care. But as pet owners, we can’t leave it all to them. It’s equally important to do our part to make health care less stressful for our dogs. That starts at home – and it’s really not hard. You may think your dog […]

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Safe Exercise for Dogs With Limits

Reading Time: 5 minutes When we think of exercising our dogs, we tend to think of going all out – long, brisk walks, throwing a ball as far as possible, vigorous romping with other dogs. But in the life of nearly all dogs there will be circumstances where that’s not possible, including when your dog is recovering from injury […]