Dogs Fears & Anxieties Training & Grooming

The Snarling Side of Fear

Reading Time: 3 minutes “CAN HE HAVE CHICKEN?” I yelled, projecting over the commotion of the terrier barking and growling at me. He was safely behind a baby gate, something I had arranged ahead of time with my client. This was our first meeting. “SURE!” the client yelled back. I tossed a piece of freeze-dried chicken over the baby […]

Dogs Veterinary Care

Prep School: Help Dogs Get Ready for Blood Draws

Reading Time: 3 minutes By training your dog to accept the handling used by veterinary staff to draw blood, you can help to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress.

Birds Training & Grooming

Living With Birds: Building Trust Through Training

Reading Time: 3 minutes After a few days of quiet adjustment, your bird is ready to become a part of your life. Your first interactions with your new bird are extremely important, because they set the tone for the kind of relationship you’ll have for life. You need to assure your new bird that you’re a wonderful, kind, and […]

Dogs Training & Grooming

Pandemic Pups Learn About Visitors

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now that vaccination rates are rising, you may be starting to think about having visitors come to your home again. This may be a big surprise for your recently acquired dog. “It’s the classic pandemic puppy story,” says Beth Harpaz. “My husband and I wanted a dog to bring some joy into our boring pandemic […]

Activities & Enrichment Travel & Safety

Moving from a Small Town to a Big City? How to Help Your Dog Adjust

Reading Time: 3 minutes When my husband and I moved from a Colorado mountain town to Denver in 2018, our biggest concern was how our Lab mix, Rio, would adapt. The outdoorsy dog spent the first seven years of his life hiking off leash on trails a block from our home, swimming in alpine lakes, and running free in […]

Training & Grooming

Use the Environment to Train Your Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes When I worked as a professional dog trainer, my dog school was called “Oliver and Me.”  Oliver was my dog. But I didn’t just name my school after him because I loved him. He actually helped me train. Doing private training in the suburbs outside of New York City often meant there were no other […]

Cats Training & Grooming Veterinary Care

Blood Draws: How to Prepare Cats for Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once you’ve trained your cat to accept restraint, you can start training for blood draws. Depending on your cat’s age and lifestyle, they may need regular blood draws for wellness or to test for diseases such as FeLV/FIV. Of course, you won’t actually be poking them with needles at home, but by teaching them to […]

Dogs Life at Home Training & Grooming

Keep the Dog Inside the Fence!

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was training a client and her dog outside in her neighborhood when a scruffy dog happily approached us. There was no owner in sight. I slipped a spare leash on him and checked his collar. Luckily, “Fred” had an ID tag. I called the number. “Hello,” I said when a woman answered. “I found […]

Activities & Enrichment Dogs Training & Grooming

Teaching the Seek Back as a Game

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Seek Back is used by police to send a dog to search a large area where a crime may have been committed. A trained dog will search methodically, quartering the area and searching back and forth, the way you might mow a lawn, so they don’t miss a spot. Once they find something that […]

Activities & Enrichment Dogs New Pets Training & Grooming

Old Tricks for New Puppies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tricks are perfect for puppies. They’ll help your puppy learn to pay attention to words, and to you; they’ll demonstrate the joys of cracking a joke and making people laugh; they can reinforce training; make for a better partnership; instill confidence in a new puppy; and give you, the human partner, a chance to show […]