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5 Signs You Need to Leave the Dog Park

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bring up the subject of dog parks to a group of dog trainers and watch their heads explode. You’ll get a slew of opinions, most unfavorable. While I confess I have occasionally rolled my eyes at the topic, I don’t hate dog parks. They can be a good place for some dogs to run off […]

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Flirt Your Way to a Tired Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boing! Boing! The Boxer puppy was bouncing all over the place, her wiggly butt somehow defying physics and going in different directions at once. “We take her for three walks a day!” her owner complained. “She’s never tired!” Taking your dog for a walk is great for mental enrichment, but to truly exercise your energetic […]

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Strategies to Help Pets Enjoy a Stress-Free Summer

Reading Time: 4 minutes The canine – and feline – nose knows. Expect pets to rely on their superior sense of smell this summer after being cooped up at home and limited to neighborhood boundaries during the pandemic. One year in a pet’s life is a mighty long time. Even some well-trained dogs and confident cats may feel a […]

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Moving from a Small Town to a Big City? How to Help Your Dog Adjust

Reading Time: 3 minutes When my husband and I moved from a Colorado mountain town to Denver in 2018, our biggest concern was how our Lab mix, Rio, would adapt. The outdoorsy dog spent the first seven years of his life hiking off leash on trails a block from our home, swimming in alpine lakes, and running free in […]

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Pet Paraphernalia: What’s New For Cats and Dogs

Reading Time: 6 minutes Global Pet Expo is the industry’s annual showcase, highlighting new and innovative products for pet parents to both spoil their pets and improve their general wellbeing. With more than 300 new products featured this year, here are our favorites. Some are already available; others will roll out in the next few weeks. For Any Pet […]

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Cats on High: Maximize Vertical Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter the size of your living space, by going vertical, you can greatly increase your cat’s lifestyle real estate.

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Teaching the Seek Back as a Game

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Seek Back is used by police to send a dog to search a large area where a crime may have been committed. A trained dog will search methodically, quartering the area and searching back and forth, the way you might mow a lawn, so they don’t miss a spot. Once they find something that […]

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New at the Zoo: Design Trends Benefit Animals and Humans

Reading Time: 5 minutes Animal wellbeing, both physical and mental, is a priority for modern zoos, and that involves a lot more than you might realize. It starts before an animal even arrives, with the design of the exhibit where they’re going to live. A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body To start, an exhibit needs to provide a […]

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How to Make Your Dog Happy and Even Laugh

Reading Time: 4 minutes We know how much our dogs make us happy and even laugh. And scientists confirm that snuggling with our dogs unleashes oxytocin, informally referred to as the cuddle chemical. Medical studies confirm again and again that hanging out with dogs can lower our blood pressure, reduce our stress levels, and boost our moods. But when […]

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Is Your Cat Ready for a Water Fountain?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can lead a cat to her water fountain, but you can’t make her drink. Cat water fountains are becoming popular with pet owners. I decided to join the fountain brigade and purchase one for my cat, Angel, hoping it might increase her water consumption, which is important for cats. A 10-pound adult cat should […]