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Taking Veterinary Care on the Road

Reading Time: 5 minutes Daphne Tanouye, VMD, had a successful house call practice in Maryland. Then the pandemic came. “Over the summer we started seeing patients outside. For dogs, it worked out fine, they did well, but for cats it didn’t really work,” she says. “We did that for a few months, and I realized that the pandemic probably […]

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Bringing a New Dog Home: Successful Adoption Habits

Reading Time: 3 minutes You have an adorable new puppy or just adopted a sweetheart of a dog from a shelter or rescue group. You can’t wait to spoil him or her rotten, right? Loving on a new pup is mandatory, sure, but it’s also important to provide him with a structured environment from day one. Setting clear expectations […]

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Should You Ignore Your Dog When Leaving the House?

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new study casts doubt on a mainstay of teaching dogs to stay home alone. Here’s what it found. Everyone’s heard the advice: ignore your dog when leaving the house and returning. The claim is that long goodbyes and excited reunions might cause separation anxiety, but if you don’t make a fuss, the dog will […]