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Can’t Have a Cat? Sponsor One

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Sinjin may be the world’s luckiest cat. He was burned from head to foot by caustic chemicals, and unable to move when he was found in a driveway. This fat and happy one-eyed pirate now rules over the cat kitchen, demanding treats at all hours.”  This was the description I received — along with a […]

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Taking the Fear Out of your Dog’s Fecal Test

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are a lot of stressful and uncomfortable things about fecal tests in veterinary medicine. It doesn’t have to be that way. Many pet owners dread being asked to bring a stool sample to the vet, especially if their dog or cat isn’t sick. It’s a hassle to get the sample, and it’s hard to […]

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How to House Train Your Puppy the Fear Free Way

Reading Time: 5 minutes This article was authored by Marty Becker, DVM, and Mikkel Becker, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, CDBC, CTC When a new puppy joins your family, you have a great opportunity to ensure she’ll grow up to be a confident, healthy dog. Central to that goal is helping her understand where she can and can’t go to […]

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How Pets Can Have a Joyful and Safe Holiday

Reading Time: 3 minutes The holidays are filled with family, friends, food, and fun, but they can also pose threats to your pets and cause fear, anxiety, and stress. From poisonous plant decorations to not-so-safe sweets, the holidays can be a challenging time for furry family members. Follow these tips to help your furry friend safely enjoy all the […]

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Help Your Pet Have a Happy and Fear Free Halloween

Reading Time: 3 minutes While Halloween may be an exciting time for you and your family — costumes, candy, carving — it can be frightening for your dog or cat. From ringing doorbells to monstrous masks, these new sights and sounds can create high anxiety for pets. However, when you follow these simple suggestions, you can give your pet […]

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5 Important Tips for Socializing Your New Puppy

Reading Time: 4 minutes So you know you’re supposed to socialize your new puppy but you just don’t have time in your schedule for a puppy class. Don’t worry; by following a few simple rules, you can keep your puppy safe while making sure he has the experiences he needs to become a well-adjusted member of your family. First, […]

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Preparing for a Disaster with Pets in Mind

Reading Time: 4 minutes I grew up on a farm in Iowa, so preparing for spring severe weather and tornadoes was normal. We had dogs, barn cats, horses, and other livestock to keep safe, so we had to have a plan. Everyone in the family knew what to do even before the weather radio siren went off. Our animals […]

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Help Your Puppy Grow Up to Be a Happy Dog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Looking at that cute little puppy face, you can’t imagine loving him more than you do right now and you certainly can’t imagine loving him less! But raising a puppy can be hard work. The “new” wears off fast after several nights of waking at 3 A.M. to let the puppy out, or cleaning up […]

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Preparing Your Pet for a Vaccine Appointment: 5 Tips for a Better Experience

Reading Time: 2 minutes If your pet (or you) get stressed out when heading to the vet for vaccines, these five tips can help make the trip free of fear, anxiety, and stress for both of you. 1. Be an Example Your pet is more likely to be calm if you are. If you’re stressed out before the vaccination […]

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Puppy Socialization: Does it mean what you think it means?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is the most critical period of your puppy’s life? It’s not her first snowfall, the day you met, or the first time she sits when you ask her to. It’s the time between roughly 3 and 14 weeks known as the “socialization period.” Pet owners often ask what’s so important about this time. They […]