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5 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Fear Worse

Reading Time: 3 minutes You realize your dog is fearful. You want her to get better, but could you also be making the problem worse? Unfortunately, this situation is all too common. Here are five ways you could accidentally be making your dog’s fear worse. Waiting to Treat It You hope your dog will “outgrow” the problem. Fear doesn’t […]

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What Martinis and Chocolate can Teach You About Overcoming Your Pet’s Fears

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fear is a powerful emotion. It takes a lot to overcome it, in dogs and cats as well as humans, but there are some techniques that can help. I am afraid of spiders. Granted, there are species of spiders than can pose some danger in certain situations, but I live in a big city with […]

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When Your Dog Is Afraid of Men: What To Do

Reading Time: 4 minutes Does your dog wag her tail and act happy when women and children come close, but crouch down, roll over on her back, and pee whenever a dude greets her? Does she tuck her tail between her legs, pace around the room, or bark, growl, and snarl when a man shows up? If so, perhaps […]

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Fear, stress, and puppy brain development: what to know

Reading Time: 4 minutes The dog brain is very different from that of wild dogs, so that in some ways puppies are born ready to fit into the human world. But the puppy brain still has a lot of developing to do after birth, and understanding that process is important to raising confident, well-adjusted dogs. It’s now generally believed […]

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When “Fine” Isn’t

Reading Time: 3 minutes Socialization can go wrong when people don’t recognize a puppy’s signs of fear. Here’s what to look for and how to avoid problems. “We don’t understand where this aggression came from,” the woman said, tears in her eyes. “We took her everywhere as a puppy like you’re supposed to do. She went with us to […]

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New Dog Anthem: I Love My Automobile

Reading Time: 3 minutes If your dog is terrified of riding in the car, it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful planning and patient training, you can teach him to relax and enjoy the ride. Here are my favorite tactics for building canine confidence in the car. Riding in the car. Isn’t that something that all dogs […]

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Is Natural Better? What To Know About Nutraceuticals And Supplements

Reading Time: 4 minutes Everyone hopes to find a “natural” way to manage a pet’s fear, anxiety, or stress, but there’s more to consider than you might think. Here are the pros and cons of nutraceuticals and supplements. The word “nutraceutical” was coined as a combination of “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” quite recently–in 1989–and arguments about its precise definition have […]

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Does Your Cat Hate Company? Help Her Cope

Reading Time: 2 minutes Does your cat make a beeline under the bed whenever the doorbell rings? Does he seem to disappear into thin air whenever a visitor enters your home? If this sounds like your feline companion, you’re not alone. Many cats are shy when it comes to visitors. Fear of strangers can be a normal behavior in […]

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Holiday Toy Stories: Let Your Dog Know Toys Won’t Hurt Him

Reading Time: 3 minutes Balloons. Life-size talking robots. Remote-controlled drones and cars. When new toys join the household during the holidays and see action months later, they’re all fun and games for adults and children. For dogs, it’s another story. Here’s how to help them stay calm amid the buzzing sounds and flashing lights. Action Figure Fright While some […]