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Bag It! Protect Pets From Choking Hazard

Reading Time: 2 minutes This doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen, and some pet parents are unaware of the danger presented by plastic bags to companion animals, from curious ferrets to dogs and cats. Veterinarians are busier removing dog toys or rubber bands from all-too-curious dogs, cats, and ferrets who have ingested them compared to dealing with […]

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Winn Feline Gets New Name

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cats have been considered second-class citizens for a long time. The Winn Feline Foundation was created by the late Robert Winn in 1968 for just that reason. Few organizations were supporting studies for cat health, particularly for pedigreed or purebred cats. Winn donated $125 to launch the nonprofit. He knew he was onto something but […]

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Busting Bunny Myths: What to Know Before You Get One

Reading Time: 3 minutes People continue to buy rabbits at Easter. Unfortunately, when that is a spontaneous decision it is typically a wrong decision. While rabbits can be wonderful pets, they’re often paired with young children, which is hardly ever a good idea. Here are 10 things to know about keeping rabbits as companion animals. When purchasing a washing […]

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Tying Dogs Out: How and Why It Can Go Wrong

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s an all-too-common sight (particularly in large urban areas) to see dogs outside businesses with their leashes tied around bike racks or no-parking signs while their people are inside buying a doughnut or picking up their dry cleaning or even grocery shopping. People who tote their dog to the store and then tie the dog […]

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Knock Three Times: Save a Cat’s Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may or may not remember the hit song Tony Orlando sang way back in 1970 called “Knock Three Times.” He was clearly singing about cats who find their way under car hoods. Before starting your engine in the morning, knock three times on the car hood. When it’s very cold outside, cats find warmth […]

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Decoding Your Cat: Behavior Experts Uncover Cat Secrets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Veterinary behaviorists are last responders. When no one else can assist, they swoop in and save the day, and often a pet’s life. Boarded veterinary behaviorists are true specialists. Not only are they veterinarians who understand medical health, they are also experts at understanding emotional health. They unpack animal behavior for us–in the case of […]

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Car Safety: Do You Protect Your Pet?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a worldwide trend: Our pets are joining us more and more on vacation. That was happening before the pandemic, and it hasn’t stopped. But with that comes the importance of ensuring our pets’ safety on the road, especially with car travel. A study published last year on PubMed compared pet travel in the United […]

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9 Ways to Help Pets With Fireworks Fears

Reading Time: 5 minutes Many pets are petrified of fireworks. And no wonder: no one tells our best friends that these incredibly loud and sudden and unexplained bangs are supposed to be a celebration, not an attack. For dogs and cats, becoming startled at sudden loud sounds can be a protective response. Who knows what could be making that […]

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Dog Bite Basics: Experts Share Prevention Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes National Dog Bite Prevention Week has come and gone, but preventing dog bites is a year-round endeavor. Prevention as well as education are key. That was the theme of a recent Zoom press event featuring experts from various fields. Here’s what they had to say. “Dog bite prevention may have more meaning this year than […]

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Hide and Seek: Just Add Dogs!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hide ‘n seek is the greatest dog game ever because there are so many benefits. It keeps children (or adults) engaged. There’s some exercise involved for dogs. When the dog inevitably finds the person hiding, the human-animal bond is enhanced. It’s a great way to reinforce calling your dog to you. And most of all, […]