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Every Which Way but Loose: 7 Reasons to Keep Your Dog on Leash

Reading Time: 2 minutes A worrisome trend that began during the pandemic is that more people are walking dogs off leash, even in crowded urban areas.  There are lots of concerns regarding this craze, but safety is number one. Here are seven reasons to keep dogs on a leash: Safety First: It’s true that dogs can learn to navigate […]

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Do You Walk Your Cat? How to Protect Your Feline Friend from Outdoor Risks

Reading Time: 4 minutes Koshka Hellqvist wanted a nice time at Boston’s Binford Park with her two Abyssinian cats, Jake and Angel. Jake, a certified therapy cat, was experienced at walking on his leash. Angel was shyer, but still willing to explore. But several dogs were running around free, against Boston’s leash laws. Without warning, a Rottweiler mix appeared […]

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Get Off the Path of Leash Resistance

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you got your dog, you had visions of the two of you walking together, in perfect harmony. You may have picked out a sporty collar and matching leash as the perfect ensemble to make your dream a reality. It can be a bitter disappointment when your dog has other ideas. Dogs aren’t born knowing […]