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Will Separation Anxiety Strike After Coronavirus?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Having us shelter in place at our homes is a dream come true for dogs. What happens, though, when people head back to the office? This is a unique experience so there’s no data to suggest how pets will respond, but I suggest we’ll see a significant uptick in separation distress among the following populations […]

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Canine Separation Anxiety: Home Alone! An Anxious and Fearful Time for Some Dogs

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Canine Separation Anxiety? Have you ever come home to find your dog has redecorated your house, chewed on the windowsill, or urinated/defecated on the floor? Or perhaps your neighbor runs out to greet you and tells you your dog has been barking incessantly ever since you left. If so, your dog could have […]

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They’re Not Loners: Cats Can Have Separation Anxiety, Too

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s a worn-out myth that all cats are aloof, independent, solitary. In reality, they can be highly social and form strong bonds with humans and other animals. Most people are familiar with separation anxiety in dogs, but research suggests that cats, especially those who are deeply attached to their people, also experience separation anxiety when […]