Feline Pheromones: The Science Behind Them

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you have a cat, you’ve likely encountered pheromone products available in the form of diffusers, sprays, wipes, or collars. These products claim to stop unwanted behaviors such as scratching, spraying, litter box mishaps, hiding, and fighting. Maybe you’ve read reviews touting pheromone products as a magic charm or, conversely, describing them as nothing more […]

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Strategies to Help Pets Enjoy a Stress-Free Summer

Reading Time: 4 minutes The canine – and feline – nose knows. Expect pets to rely on their superior sense of smell this summer after being cooped up at home and limited to neighborhood boundaries during the pandemic. One year in a pet’s life is a mighty long time. Even some well-trained dogs and confident cats may feel a […]