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How You Can Treat Your Pet to a Bon Voyage

Reading Time: 3 minutes For humans and pets, flying is stressful, no doubt about it. But if you are planning to move cross-country this summer or take your pet on vacation with you, flying may be the best way to transport a dog or cat who will fit in a carrier that slides beneath your seat. Here are our […]

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Beat Feline Boredom With 3 Fun Cat Games

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your sofa arm shredded? Is the toilet paper off the roll and sprinkled like confetti on the bathroom floor? Are the items on your coffee table splattered across your living room floor? Ahem, your indoor cat is desperately trying to get your attention…and desperately trying to battle boredom. While studies show that indoor cats […]

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Why Does My Cat Conduct “Gravity Experiments?” How Cats Play

Reading Time: 3 minutes How cats play varies between kitties, but there are some techniques nearly all share. My cat Seren-Kitty played “gravity experiments,” knocking things off tables, until the past few years. At age 21, she’s finally slowed down, but before that Seren never had an off-switch and was a cat-play maniac from the moment she entered my […]

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Cat-cophony? Take The Fear Out Of Loud Noises

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do cats develop fears of loud noises such as fireworks? You bet! Cats have keen hearing that is as sensitive as that of dogs. We don’t always recognize that a cat may be fearful of loud noises because unlike dogs, who may engage in destructive behavior in an attempt to escape, the typical feline response […]

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Take The Scare Out Of Care

Reading Time: 3 minutes The scare of care begins at home for many cats. Being shoved into a carrier and taken on an unwanted car ride causes stress levels to rise and often become overwhelming before the cat ever sets paw inside the exam room. That cumulative unease and upset have a detrimental effect on the cat’s ability to […]

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Help! My Dog Pees on my Bed!

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ve had a long day and all you want to do is slide in between the sheets. As you do so, however, you feel a cold wet spot. Ugh! Your dog has urinated on your bed. Why Does This Happen? Many theories have been offered as to why some dogs urinate on their owners’ beds. […]

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Don Your Apron and Become Your Canine’s Chef

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dogs seem to be lousy spellers until you spell the word t-r-e-a-t. Before we can finish the final “t,” most of our canine pals are making hairpin turns around the kitchen island and plopping into a sit in front of us as we hold a tasty homemade delight. In our five-dog household, it is tradition […]

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Your Puppy’s First Eye Exam

Reading Time: 3 minutes Puppies experience several medical evaluations in their young lives to make sure they are off to a happy, healthy start. One of the things you can expect your veterinarian to do is examine your puppy’s eyes. Why an eye exam? Sight is a vital part of any dog’s life, so it is important for a […]

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Forgetful Feline? Your Cat May Have Cognitive Dysfunction

Reading Time: 3 minutes Does your geriatric cat prowl the house late at night, yowling mournfully or “get lost” behind the toilet tank? Instead of giving a happy mrrrp when you return home from work, does she look confused, as if she doesn’t recognize you? Although your cat may still be in good physical condition, she may have developed […]

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Cat Talk: What Does “Elevator Butt” Mean?

Reading Time: 2 minutes For cat lovers, one of the most common feline postures can be puzzling. We know that cats communicate not only with meows and purrs, but also with scent and body position. A comical posture of happy, healthy cats, something I call “elevator butt,” actually communicates different information depending on the cat. The pose looks similar […]