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Fear Free Euthanasia: How to Say Goodbye Peacefully

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ll remember your pet’s euthanasia for the rest of your life, and if your pet is agitated or anxious, you’ll remember that, too. Taking these few simple steps to plan ahead will make help make the experience easier for your pet and your family. When you make the difficult decision to euthanize your pet, there […]

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Strategies to Help Pets Enjoy a Stress-Free Summer

Reading Time: 4 minutes The canine – and feline – nose knows. Expect pets to rely on their superior sense of smell this summer after being cooped up at home and limited to neighborhood boundaries during the pandemic. One year in a pet’s life is a mighty long time. Even some well-trained dogs and confident cats may feel a […]

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Flirt Your Way to a Tired Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boing! Boing! The Boxer puppy was bouncing all over the place, her wiggly butt somehow defying physics and going in different directions at once. “We take her for three walks a day!” her owner complained. “She’s never tired!” Taking your dog for a walk is great for mental enrichment, but to truly exercise your energetic […]

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Before You Get Your New Pet: Plan for Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Successful pre-pet planning begins with a little foresight and preparation for the first few days together. Set yourself and your new pet up for success from the get-go and begin to foster a strong relationship built on trust and empathy. Before you get your pet, take the following steps: Puppy- or Kitten-Proof the Home Before […]

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Prepping Pets for Annual Visits: Vaccines

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before I moved to Texas, my allergies were like a normal person’s allergies–occasional sniffles, but no big deal. After living here for several years, I had to start getting 3 allergy injections into my upper arms every four weeks. I hate the sting of the needle and the feeling of cold liquid slowly going into […]

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Moving from a Small Town to a Big City? How to Help Your Dog Adjust

Reading Time: 3 minutes When my husband and I moved from a Colorado mountain town to Denver in 2018, our biggest concern was how our Lab mix, Rio, would adapt. The outdoorsy dog spent the first seven years of his life hiking off leash on trails a block from our home, swimming in alpine lakes, and running free in […]

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Is New Flooring in Your Future? 5 Non-Slip Options

Reading Time: 3 minutes The fear of falling is a deep-seated fear within the minds of most animals. Choosing the best and safest non-slip floors for your home will help your pets feel more relaxed and secure, especially as they age and become less sure-footed. In this article, we will focus on great solutions for creating a non-slip surface […]

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Get Your Goat: It’s Time for Yoga

Reading Time: 3 minutes An unusual form of animal-assisted therapy sprang from tough times. In 2016, Oregon resident Lainey Morse was coping with an autoimmune disease and a divorce while working a demanding corporate job. Her saving grace: sitting in the barn or fields on her ranch and spending time with her pet goats, including a Nigerian Dwarf goat […]

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Why Pets Matter: How Cats and Dogs Affect Our Lives

Reading Time: 3 minutes National Pet Month celebrates all things pets. For those who adore cats and dogs or other critters, our animal companions impact us in so many ways we can’t imagine living in a world without them. That begs the questions, how (and why) are pets so important to us? The Love Connection As social creatures, humans […]

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Clickerless: How to Train Your Pet Without One

Reading Time: 3 minutes Two seconds into the lesson and I already knew I was going to like this client. She had a treat bag clipped to her waist, loaded with yummy bites. She also had a clicker on a lanyard around her neck and had already been practicing with it. She was eager to begin training her two […]