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Taking Veterinary Care on the Road

Reading Time: 5 minutes Daphne Tanouye, VMD, had a successful house call practice in Maryland. Then the pandemic came. “Over the summer we started seeing patients outside. For dogs, it worked out fine, they did well, but for cats it didn’t really work,” she says. “We did that for a few months, and I realized that the pandemic probably […]

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Can’t Have a Cat? Sponsor One

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Sinjin may be the world’s luckiest cat. He was burned from head to foot by caustic chemicals, and unable to move when he was found in a driveway. This fat and happy one-eyed pirate now rules over the cat kitchen, demanding treats at all hours.”  This was the description I received — along with a […]


Perfect Setup: Plan Your Bird’s Cage Environment With Care

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bringing a new companion bird home can be exciting for you but frightening for your bird. The key to introducing your new feathered friend to your home in a Fear Free way is to plan for and set up his new cage and environment in a mindful manner before you bring him home. Maintaining an […]

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Are Cats Picky Eaters? Here’s the Scoop

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nature is pretty smart. To survive, creatures are designed to crave the food and behavior that they need to be healthy. For example, humans are a social species, and we are omnivores. We evolved to eat a variety of foods served three times a day with the company of others. Humans sometimes have a hard […]

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How Seizure-Alert Dogs Do Their Job

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Olivia Emenaker decided to train her Basset Hound, Dublin, to alert her before she had a seizure, it was partly because he seemed to already have a talent for it on his own. At the time, she was living with her mother, because her seizures made it unsafe for her to live on her […]

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Home Grooming Can Be a Bonding Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whenever I comb my 9-pound Poodle, Peach, she cranes her neck, coos with pleasure, and wiggles her way into my lap to be as close as possible. She doesn’t approve when I try to comb her legs and feet, but having her neck combed when she’s not wearing a collar sends her into rapture. My […]

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Opening the Door to More Pet-Friendly Housing

Reading Time: 7 minutes News flash! A recent survey shows that pet owners make excellent, responsible tenants. They stay longer, get along well with their neighbors, and take the responsibility of their pets seriously, resulting in far less property damage than is purported to occur. Plus, most pet parents pay for such damage out of their own pockets! So […]

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How Your Pet’s Weight Affects Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re a pet parent who finds it hard to resist that furry little face gazing up at you for treats, you’re not alone. The 2018 National Pet Obesity Survey estimates that almost 60 percent of cats and about 56 percent of dogs are overweight or obese. The same survey also indicated that the majority […]

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Monster Alert! Helping Your Dog Overcome Fear of the Vacuum Cleaner

Reading Time: 3 minutes “The monster must DIE!” At least, that’s what I imagined the Chow mix was thinking as she launched herself at the vacuum cleaner, growling and snapping as if she were taking on a zombie horde. I cued the owner to shut off the machine. “You’re right,” I nodded. “She hates the vacuum cleaner.” Now that […]

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While You Were Sleeping

Reading Time: 3 minutes Three years ago, I bought a Foxelli trail cam so I could view what types of wildlife were on our property. I was surprised. I had no idea of the variety of animals in our backyard. When I needed to bring the camera in to change batteries, I wanted to test it to ensure I […]