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The Guilt in Goodbye

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last year of my cat’s life was a nightmare rollercoaster. Sebastian was battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. He lost his appetite, and I became obsessed with feeding him. I tried every brand of food, cooked for him, and checked his food bowl a dozen times daily to monitor how much he was eating. Finally, […]

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Love and Loss: Helping Children Grieve When a Pet Dies

Reading Time: 3 minutes My 10-year-old daughter Reagan has experienced a lot of pet loss in the past year. Our 12-year-old black Pug, Willy, died suddenly and unexpectedly while my husband and I were out of the country, leaving Reagan and my mother Teresa to face his loss together. Then my parents’ 16-year-old canine cocktail Quixote passed away. At […]

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A Death in the Family: Facing Loss With Your Dog

Reading Time: 4 minutes When the worst thing you can think of happens, when there’s a death in the family, some of the most important help you and your dog can get is from each other.  Not surprisingly, it might be the dog’s issues that alert you to the depth of your own, because you might be too frantic, […]