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Can Fear Free Strategies Help When Your Cat Is Dying?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We dread the deaths of our beloved cats, and every death is different. We may or may not get notice; we may or may not have time to say goodbye. Assuming there is time to say goodbye, what can we do to make an already stressful and possibly dreaded process as calm and meaningful as […]

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Make Cross-Country Auto Travel Fear Free for Your Cat(s)

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2014, my husband and I moved cross-country from the Midwest to New England, a trip that involved transporting our five indoor housecats, a newly trapped feral cat, and our older dog. I planned ahead to try to ensure that this trip would be as stress-free as possible for the animals. We had a successful […]

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Make Brushing A Pleasurable Experience: One Cat’s Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes My beautiful 12-year-old black cat Rama has always taken life seriously. We know nothing about his background prior to adopting him nine years ago, but I clearly remember the shelter staff trying to steer me away from him. Rama moved like a small panther in the wild–nervous, with a bit of insecurity, and not open […]

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Manage Your Own Vibes To Give Your Cat A Fear Free Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes If we share a home with a beloved cat, we’ll likely have the opportunity to engage in cat-care interactions that may be a challenge, a perceived challenge, or unfamiliar. If we are giving our cat a pill for the first time, we may have preconceptions about how the pill-giving event is going to transpire. We […]

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Can An Adventure Lifestyle Benefit Your Cat?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Anyone who spends much time on Instagram has seen them: cats in backpacks, cats hiking up trails, cats on leashes enjoying the wild outdoors with their people. There’s even a dedicated hashtag for these kitties: #adventurecat. In fact, a whole book was written about these intrepid felines. Adventure Cats: Living 9 Lives to the Fullest […]

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Leash Training for a Happier, More Confident Cat

Reading Time: 4 minutes Leash training your cat can be one of your most rewarding experiences as a pet parent: It makes for a cat who is more self-assured and outgoing. Your cat can explore the outdoors more safely. It enhances the bond you have with your cat. Many people who have tried leash training their cats give up […]