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What’s New in Pet Play, Care: Global Pet Expo Report

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Global Pet Expo, the largest pet trade show in the United States, sets the stage for all the fun, functional, and innovative products debuting that promote the wellbeing of pets and help enhance that wonderful human-animal bond. Here are our picks of the top new cat and dog items you’ll be seeing soon.

Cat Fun

A Hit of ‘Nip

New from Meowijuana, known for locally grown, high-quality, organic catnip are two fun new toys riffing on marijuana lingo. The Get Smoked Refillable Fish is ideal for cats who love to toss their toys, then hold them tight and kick with their back legs. The Meowijuana Get Lit Birthday Cake Refillable Toy is soft to toss about and filled with lots of catnip and crinkly material to rev up play. $8.99 each.

Bugging Out

The first-ever cat toys designed by pet puzzle innovator Nina Ottosson include the Bugging Out puzzle game, which will have cats deftly moving the leaves and lady bugs to reveal tasty treats hidden inside. The design offers mental enrichment and physical fun for felines, with shallow treat compartments making it easy for them to remove and enjoy delectable morsels. Bugging Out can also be filled with a portion of a cat’s daily food allowance. No removable parts, making for safe play. $19.99

Rustlin’ Butterfly Teaser

Iridescent colorful mylar wings make rustling sounds that replicate the sound of real fluttering wings and capture feline attention. The three butterflies can be moved along the pliable soft-coated wire for different play styles whether they are “flying around” or jiggled along the ground. $11.

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System XL

This all-in-one litter system now comes with a large, high-sided open box that gives cats privacy and a 360-degree look-out to ensure that no one gets ambushed while in the toilet. The Breeze works with special pads to absorb urine and patented anti-tracking silica pellets to keep poop separate and easy to scoop. Pellets also repel liquid and wick away moisture from kitty’s solid “business,” for maximum odor control. Some cats find pellets uncomfortable, preferring the softer, finer feel of other litters. Give your cat an option until you’re sure she likes the new system. The disposable cat pads are available scented or unscented. $57.99

Vesper Cottage

This cubical two-level hangout has two entry-exit points to the lower level for a private snooze zone, plus a cushioned top shelf for feline supervisory purposes. Available in white laminate or natural oak finishes, it’s easy to assemble with no tools required. You can also purchase a taller condo model or buy two cottages and “renovate” by slotting them together for a tall tower of fun. $69.99

Smartykat Window Wobbler

Suction the Window Wobbler onto a window or tiled surface and allow your cat to bat about and put her prey drive into top gear. The Wobbler also delivers feline fun when left lying on the floor. Designed to child safety standards and made with environmentally friendly materials. $2.99

Dog Delights


Renowned dog puzzle designer Nina Ottosson releases her first Level Four multi-puzzle game board. It offers dogs 28 hidden treat compartments and sliders that move and rotate to reveal delectable hidden morsels as rewards for canine manipulation skills. Ottosson’s puzzles are designed to reduce destructive behavior and offer mental stimulation. $34.99

Wobble Bowl

Turn mealtimes into an interactive game. The Wobble Bowl, for dogs and cats, requires them to get the kibble to move around the bowl’s inner ridges and eventually pop out. Made from food-safe materials, it holds one standard cup of food. A quiet non-slip base holds it in place. The lid is easy to remove for cleaning using warm water and standard dish washing liquid. Also dispenses treats. It’s great mental stimulation when pets are home alone. $24.99

TaGo Bed

An ideal travel bed for dogs on the go. The TaGo has a padded fleece topper and lightweight, all-steel frame that folds with a storage case, making it convenient to carry. The topper can be removed to become a sleeping pad. Other features include a water-resistant bottom and an integrated bottle opener. For dogs weighing up to 75 pounds. $119.

BrilliantPad SMART

This doggie toilet system is designed for training puppies or dogs already used to using indoor pads. Working through a smart phone app, it can be programmed to advance the pad with the waste matter into a sealed endcap unit once the dog steps off the mat, leaving a fresh pad in place for the next potty break. Sends an alert to your phone when used and characterizes the waste deposit so you have a record for the veterinarian if you observe substantial changes in waste output. Refill rolls of biodegradable paper sold separately, and the machine sends an alert when it’s time for a fresh roll. $199

Walk-Along Outdoor Harness

This lightweight harness has multiple features for on-the-go dogs. The top has a standard hardware D-link and a lightweight water-resistant zippered pouch for holding poop bags, keys, or a cell phone. A handle on top provides additional control. Works simply with the seatbelt system to quickly and easily restrain your dog in a vehicle. Available in all black or bright orange with reflective black trim. $44.99

Barking Brunch Plush Toy Collection

Stuffed toy “menu options” include a croissant, eggs Benedict, avocado toast, chicken and waffles, and a bloody Mary. Crinkles and squeakers spice up the fun and are made with eco-friendly PlanetFill filler from 100-percent post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. Machine-washable and dryer friendly. Sold individually starting at $8.90, or $45 for a set.

ZoomieRex P.L.A.Y. Toys

New ZoomieRex interactive toys include the Fantastug. An infinity design makes this twist-tastic toy bounce erratically for games of fetch and provides an optimal tug-of-war experience. It floats, making it great for swimming pool or beach play. Two sizes. Available in orange, blue, and lime-green. From $11.50.

This article was reviewed/edited by board-certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Kenneth Martin and/or veterinary technician specialist in behavior Debbie Martin, LVT.

Sandy Robins is an award-winning pet lifestyle journalist and author of For the Love of Cats, Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat, The Original Cat Bible, and Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy The Cat.

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