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Brain Drain? How To Recognize and Manage a Dog’s Cognitive Decline

Reading Time: 2 minutes If your senior dog seems to be a little forgetful these days, has started howling at what seems like nothing, and behaves fearfully in situations that were never traumatic for him in the past, he may be undergoing some age-related cognitive decline. Yes, dogs can develop what’s called canine cognitive disorder—sort of a doggie version […]

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Hospice Helps Dogs and Humans Cope With End of Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s hard to think about, especially if your dog is currently healthy, but one day he—and you—will be facing the end of his life. Or maybe your dog is dealing with a disease right now that will ultimately take his life. In some cases, medical treatment can help for a time, but if that is […]

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Forgetful Feline? Your Cat May Have Cognitive Dysfunction

Reading Time: 3 minutes Does your geriatric cat prowl the house late at night, yowling mournfully or “get lost” behind the toilet tank? Instead of giving a happy mrrrp when you return home from work, does she look confused, as if she doesn’t recognize you? Although your cat may still be in good physical condition, she may have developed […]

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Feline Hospice Offers a Fear Free Path To a Life’s End

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cats these days can make the most of their nine lives, thanks to advances in veterinary care, nutrition and just love from their people. The day comes, though, when nothing more can be done to save their lives, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that euthanasia is an immediate next step. Pet hospice programs can help […]