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Cat Enrichment Products: Top 5

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Cat Enrichment Winner:

CatIt Senses 2.0 System, Catit, (most modules around $19.99)

This modular system provides an enriching home life for cats. The interchangeable, modifiable add-on structure is the ultimate kitty haven to engage a cat’s interest and encourage interaction by incorporating design elements that invigorate the cat’s senses and meet key feline needs.

The system’s mix-and-match system keeps your cat’s interest keen and invigorates day-to-day life with a variety of modules that include flexible design toys to encourage predatory play, multilevel food puzzles, a fresh flowing flower design fountain, a wellness station for

kitty massage and relaxation, scratching posts, and a fresh cat grass garden.

Runners Up (in no particular order):

Mouse in a Pouch, OurPets, $29.99

Keep your cat entertained with a toy that echoes the classic confrontation between cat and mouse. A robotic mouse toy scurries around the inside of a fabric pouch, inviting feline pursuit and pounce sequences with unpredictable movements and mouse mimicking sounds that encourage a cat’s inner hunter to come out and play.

Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy, HEXBUG, $19.99

Erratic spinning moves and the wiggling tail of this remote-control toy capture a cat’s interest, luring him on an adventure to catch the mouse. The game starts, pauses, and stops, all with the ease of a remote control allowing multiple-cat play with multiple toys.

V-High Base Vesper Cat Furniture, CatIt, $109.99

This climbing, scratching, and dwelling piece is a win for cats and people with its functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The biggest win is the extra high scratching post that allows cats to get in a full stretch as they scratch and provides a high getaway space complete with memory foam cushions for feline climbing enthusiasts. Purchase here.

Cozy Vent, Outset Products LLC (Amy Wolfe) , $39.99 ($32.99 on amazon)

Warmth-seeking felines are likely to relish this cozy retreat space that utilizes airflow from the heater vent while still permitting free exchange of air in the room. The Cozy Vent provides a resting surface that fits over an existing floor register and is fitted with a machine-washable fleece bed cover.

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