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Best Products To Reduce Fear, Anxiety, And Stress in Dogs

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Winner, Top Dog Fear, Anxiety, and Stress Reducing Product:

My Pet My Scent, release date: November 2017.

Small but mighty, this scented locket charm fits directly onto a pet’s collar to provide a portable sense of calm throughout the day with use of inhalation therapy. The locket system creates a unique signature scent that’s a mixture of industrial-strength hemp oil your own scent taken from sweat secretions. While wearing Eau de Marty may not appeal to human senses, when it comes to my dad’s inseparable canine buddy, QT, who already seeks out items my dad wears or rests on, the scent of his human hero is a breath of fresh reassurance. The comforting scent encourages calmer pets by allowing them to take a sense of familiarity wherever they go. The calming benefits of the fragrance blend stay with the pet for up to three days before requiring a refresh.

Runners Up/Top Five Top Dog Fear, Anxiety and Stress Reducing Products:

Calmz, Petmate, $129.99

This wearable vest offers a system of research-backed relief for stressed dogs. The Calmz Anxiety Relief System utilizes a complementary blend of acoustic and vibration therapy that targets calming acupressure points and offers anxiety relief to dogs in need.

Best Fit® Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle, Coastal Pet Products Inc., $10 to $14

When used effectively, muzzles provide physical and emotional protection of pets and people. Not only do they prevent bites, when they are conditioned correctly, they can relieve the stress of care by reducing the need for extra precautions such as restraint. This soft muzzle in particular has an adjustable mouthpiece and permits the dog to pant and drink while wearing it. The top features an elastic piece to reduce slipping and movement of the muzzle toward the dog’s eyes. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large, with the adjustable functions allowing for just the right fit.

SCRUBBUSTER, Dexas, $12.99

For anyone who has struggled to bathe a dog, this ingenious product offers a helping hand by simplifying bath time. The brush bristles are designed to gently work into a dog’s coat for a deeper clean with the built-in shampoo reservoir allowing for easy application dispensing when it’s time to suds up.

Kaleido Bowl, Felli (Housewares), $14.99

The aesthetically pleasing and wallet-friendly design has multiple functions. The inside bowl is removable from the outside grip-bottom rim to allow for easy cleaning. The bowl itself has a built-in ridged design to slow eager eaters. The bowl also has application for Fear Free veterinary care. When soft treats are smeared inside to offer a treat distraction during care, the ridged design and grippy bottom hold the bowl in place.

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