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Best Products To Reduce Fear, Anxiety, And Stress In Cats

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Winner, Top Cat Fear, Anxiety, and Stress Reducing Product:

312 Hideaway Duffel, Prefer Pets, $59.99

This soft-sided carrier is a big win for a more optimal veterinary care and travel experience for cats. It has top and front exit points with a total of three openings for easy access to the cat when needed, such as during Fear Free veterinary exams. The carrier also has adjustable privacy screens to reduce the cat’s line of sight. The inside caters to feline comfort as well with a machine-washable faux fur liner. Oh, and did we mention that it’s also airline-approved?

Runners Up (in no particular order):

Purr Pillow, Pet Stages (Outward Hound associated), $14.99

This soft cuddle toy makes a touch-activated purring sound that lasts for up to two minutes to soothe and encourage feline snuggling. The machine-washable toy (remove the inner purr mechanism first) can serve as a comfort item to help cats better cope with change by providing a consistent, calming presence in situations such as Fear Free veterinary visits.

Kitty Cuddle Pal, Pet Stages (Outward Hound associated), $10.99

This cat comfort item contains buckwheat beads and can be warmed in the microwave to further invite your kitty cuddle bug to snuggle up. Designed with cat calmness in mind, the softness and gentle warmth invite cats to burrow close for sleep and offers reassuring comfort to stressed cats in situations outside their comfort zone, such as car travel and visiting their Fear Free veterinarian. The plush shell is machine-washable.

Pet Tunes (Canine and Cat Versions), Pet Acoustics, $59.99

This portable music player has preloaded species-specific music designed to comfort. Its small size makes it highly portable, and it offers Bluetooth compatibility and autorepeat mode to play up to eight hours. Whether you’re calming a pet in the home or in the hospital, the design meets a variety of needs.

Nip-Stick (Natural Catnip Stick) and Fou-Stick Calm, Fou Fou Brands, 4.99 (Fou-Stick Calm) & 5.99 (Nip-Stick)

Contained inside travel-size twist tubes for easy use and minimal mess, the Nipstick’s balm is made with potent North American catnip oil, mangoseed butter, and other essential oils that will lure cats to toys, resting spaces, cat scratchers, or even your lap. During Fear Free vet visits, cats who are calmed by a little ‘nip can be encouraged to greet veterinary staff and move onto spaces such as the scale.

The Fou-Stick Calm has scent properties designed to calm both dogs and cats. Fou-stick Calm Pet Balm is designed to help alleviate stress naturally with calming, pet-friendly ingredients that include chamomile, passionflower, lavender, and other essential oils. The stick’s contents can be rubbed on areas such as carriers or exam tables as a way to calm anxious dogs and cats.

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