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Zoundz Music For Pets™

What is Zoundz?

Zoundz Music For Pets™ helps you calm, condition, and connect with your pet. Our app features a wide variety of music channels designed to ease your dog’s anxiety in common stress-producing situations.

What is the Deal?

SAVE BIG on the Calming Sounds of Zoundz.
Annual Subscription = $9.99 (Price reflects $14 savings)
Monthly Subscription = $1.49 (Price reflects 50% off)

How do I redeem the perk?

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What to know about Zoundz

Zoundz Music For Pets™ is designed to create a relaxing environment and settle anxious pets. Backed by behavioral research and approved by pet professionals, Zoundz delivers everything you need to help your pet feel more Zen including:

  • Species-specific music for dogs & cats.
  • Over 200 music tracks to calm your pet, channels include:
    • Pet Pro Visits
    • Home Alone
    • Travel Time
    • Bedtime Lullabies
    • Scary Sounds
    • House Guests
    • Eats & Treats
    • Lap Time
  • Pro Tips from a Board-Certified Animal Behaviorist, including interactive games to play with your pet to enhance your Zoundz experience.