Dog Body Language 101

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Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Animals speak all the time, as spoken through their body language, but many times their messages are misunderstood or go unheard. As a result, a dog may be placed in a situation or interaction where they’re uncomfortable, but if polite requests for help or requests for space go unheard, their body language and behavior may escalate to a louder shout (think: lunge or growl) to get others to listen.

Attending to the early signs of fear, anxiety, and stress, as well as understanding the signs of a content and happy pet, is essential for deepened relationships, safer living with dogs, and helping dogs live happier, healthier, fuller lives. In this video, you’ll learn the key communication signs to attend to for better, safer interactions with dogs, including the subtle whispers of the pet’s underlying emotional state that you can’t afford to miss.

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