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ScratchPad for Dogs is a product that lets your dog be in charge of their own nail trims. So many dogs are afraid of nail trims, a necessary part of the grooming process. ScratchPads are not just for front feet, either – your dog can trim their back nails on the ScratchPad, too! With a short training session and a few minutes each week, your dog’s nails will look better than ever and they will absolutely love doing it!


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On July 9, 2021, ONLY, visit the ScratchPad store and use the promo code below at checkout.

Fear Free Connection

ScratchPad for Dogs is a natural partner for Fear Free Happy Homes because our mission is completely based in allowing your dog to make the choice to participate in their own nail care, thereby eliminating the stress and fear of traditional nail trims. Our founder, Jen Fleming, created the product when it was suggested that her own fearful rescue dog be sedated for routine nail trims. Realizing there had to be another way that didn’t involve anesthesia every few months, she did research on alternative nail maintenance tools, including scratch boards. She then spent the next months in R&D to develop and perfect the ScratchPad. It pays for itself within just a couple visits to the vet or groomer and allows you bond with your dog while playing the “ScratchPad game”. We can’t wait for your dog to be excited for nail trims!